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a very special thanks to:

  • Alessia Acciai, Trisomia 21 Firenze;
  • Patricia Almeida, Movimento Down;
  • Samuele Aminti, Trisomia 21 Firenze;
  • Denise Berger, ART 21 / Association Romande Trisomie 21;
  • Alice Boni, Trisomia 21 Firenze;
  • Carol Boys, Down’s Syndrome Association;
  • Stephanie Humml, Trisomia 21 Firenze;
  • Véronique Lefeuvre-Arias;
  • Catia Malaquias, Down Syndrome Australia;
  • Elena Mariano, Trisomia 21 Firenze;
  • Monica Pianezzi, Avventuno;
  • Ivana Pili, Trisomia 21 Firenze;
  • Tania Mara da Rocha, Down Community Caxias;
  • Lin Rubright, National Down Syndrome Society

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